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Debut Novel - ADRIFT

Advance review copies of Adrift arrived at my door this week! Book shaped things containing my words - how strange and delightful!

Cover of novel "Adrift" by Lisa Brideau showing a crashing wave with a slight oil sheen on top. Tagline "The truth won't always set you free."

Seeing real physical copies of story that has only existed in digital files for so long is a surreal moment.

Look at this amazing cover - it's moody - a crashing turbulent wave with a hint of an oil slick on the surface. Having the ocean, with all its raw power on the cover makes me happy. It's a story set on the coast, a near-future suspense tale set against the backdrop of climate change (and the ocean is a huge part of climate change since it absorbs so much-90%-of the excess heat we're trapping with our greenhouse gases); the ocean is tied to it all.

And now Adrift, my Adrift, soon to be your Adrift, is listed in all the places you can buy books (in Canada/US at least). It doesn't come out until May 2023, so still some waiting ahead, but you can pre-order from your favourite bookstore now. Pre-order copies from all your favourite bookstores, if you like.

There's much more ahead, but this moment - the cover, the physical book, seeing my book listed on the sites where I've gone book shopping, this is a big, big deal. The odds of any writer getting to this point are so small. I've been keenly aware at every stage that it was an incredible long shot to try and publish my first novel, but I gave it a shot anyway. And here we are. Imagine where we'll be in May!

Adrift cover design by Sourcebooks art director Liz Dresner.

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